Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meal Count

With one Webelos session to go, I am projecting 76,306 meals served this summer. The all-time record is 81,358 set in 2007. As Papa Koz once said, "You use a lot of groceries woman." Indeed, we could fill a warehouse with the tons (literally) of food that it takes to feed hungry campers. Beyond groceries, stop for a minute to think about washing over 75,000 plates, cups, knives, forks, and spoons, plus 25,000 cereal bowls.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


As the summer nears an end and I begin to reflect on the past few months, in addition to those individuals who have already been mentioned, acknowledgements are deserved by the following:

Staff and Camper Volunteers: To those who have helped in the kitchen in any way--washing dishes, sorting silverware, plattering food, etc.--you have our deepest thanks for making life in the kitchen easier for us and better for the campers.

Aquatics Staff: They have been the serving staff for family nights all summer, entertaining the campers and families with song while serving dinner. Their contributions have been so significant and sustained that Chuck drove to Hockenberg's in Omaha on his day off in order to be able to present them with a special sloppy joe scoop and "AQ" stamped serving spoon for baked beans. Both will be kept in the dining hall in their honor.

Marty Kirchmeier: Though I have spoken of him before, the progress that he has made and the leadership he has provided during his second year as a cook merit additional recognition. Marty has mastered the fine art of red sauce and pasta, become the king of macaroni and cheese, learned the nuances of fine salad dressings, and wowed the staff and campers with meatloaf. This summer he became Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Nourishing Trader. We are proud of Marty, wish him the best in his academic and culinary endeavors, and look forward to his drinking a big horn next summer when advancing to Shaman.

Dish Crew

The following three young men, along with rotating staff members, CITs, and a host of volunteers, have been responsible for washing the tens of thousands of table dishes and cooking pans/utensils. Their duties also include the cleanliness of the dish room, dining room, and bathrooms. The collective effort constitutes the best dish crew I have had in many years.

Kyle Mooney: Kyle is a second-year staffer who worked his first summer in the dish room. This year he has taken on the additional duties of dining hall steward, in which he has accepted responsiblity for supervision of the dish crew and determined the quantities of milk, juice, and bread needed for meals. Kyle is presently the assistant senior patrol leader of Troop 510. He has completed his Eagle project, and pending a future board of review, we are looking forward to his being our next Eagle Scout. Kyle enjoys the NBZ program, in which he is a Warrior. He is a senior in high school, involved with drama and musicals. He entertains us with stories and songs from these events.

Cody Shellgren: This is Cody's first year on staff. He is a Star Scout, NBZ Brave, and assistant senior patrol leader of Troop 476. Cody participates in Air Force ROTC and is interested in wrestling. We have enjoyed watching him grow as a leader over the course of the summer.

Blake Maslonka: Also Blake's first year on staff, he is a member of Crew 326 and NBZ Brave. He attends Cedar Bluffs high school as a sophomore, where he plays football, lifts in the weight room, and wrestles. Like myself, he lives close to camp, which is a definite advantage.